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'Hong Kong based natural skin care brand OSCO Skincare is eyeing international opportunities as it predicts demand for anti-pollution cosmetics will grow, partly because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.'



'Coyran’s hero formulation is her Pollution Defense Serum, a high performance facial oil with light and fast absorbing texture. It is made with 12 potent and precious oils and extracts that are high in antioxidants and fatty acids. Coyran also sells her Pollution Detox Mask, which was a winner in the Best Face Mask category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020.'

25 Formula Botanica Indie Beauty Graduates You Should Be Supporting Right Now
Formula Botanica, 05/06/2020.


LUX Life Magazine, 05/2020.

'OSCO is an anti-pollution natural skincare brand—particularly useful in a city like Hong Kong—which is founded upon the notion of raising health consciousness, addressing skin concerns, and bringing back a natural heal. Try the anti-pollution serum to battle the summer humidity and heat.'

Where to Get Eco-Friendly Skincare in Hong Kong
Cha Siu Papers Times, 24/05/2020.

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"BEST FACE MASK – detox WINNER: OSCO Pollution Detox Mask"

The Beauty Shortlist, 02/03/2020.

'There’s a special place in my heart for powder masks. I don’t know if it’s because I feel like a lil’ chemist mixing my mask or because I love how when you wet the powder, it gives it such a nice, gentle exfoliating texture.' 

Clean Beauty Awards - Cleanser Nominees
When I'm Older, 13/11/2019.

新城財經台, 新城電台, 輕熟巴之閉, FM104, metroradio, osconatural, 天然護膚
新城財經台, 新城電台, 輕熟巴之閉, FM104, metroradio, osconatural, 天然護膚, coyran cheung


今晚十點,OSCO - Natural & Organic 嘅創辦人Coyran會上嚟同大家分享佢創立呢個天然護膚品牌嘅故事,仲會教大家分辨邊啲成分對皮膚好,邊啲成分容易致敏!"

新城財經台《輕熟巴之閉》, 26/09/2019.

green queen, hk skincare, osconatural

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'The serum has a very light texture that quickly absorbs into the skin. It is packed with antioxidants, which are important as they neutralise free radicals to stop cellular damage which can lead to problem skin and premature ageing.

Clean Beauty Monthly: The Best Hong Kong-Owned Natural Beauty Brands
Green Queen, 03/07/2019.

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'A graduate of Formula Botanica, Coyran Cheung is a Hong Kong-based formulator of organic skincare solu­tions. As a registered nurse with almost a decade of stressful hospital night shifts under her belt, Cheung felt she had lost her work-life balance and decided to help people in another way – by resolving their skincare issues. Creating OSCO was a means of not only back­ing the natural and organic ingredients she so firmly believes in, but of being of service to others who – like Cheung herself – had struggled with problem­atic skin. Cheung says she treasures the gift of nature: “It gave me back my life.”' 

Introducing the 30 under 30
Natural Products News, 05/2019.

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"After about 6 days of using it directly under my eyes in the evenings, I noticed that it also helped to reduce some under eye puffiness and darkness in the morning, which I LOVED!" 

Pollution Defense Skincare: OSCO Natural Beauty Review & Interview

HK01, osco, osconatural, 天然護膚, 護士, 人手短缺, 爛面, 暗瘡, 暗瘡精華, 有機, coyran cheung


【護士辛酸】壓力大致爛面 辭職創業經營護膚品牌:以前成面膿瘡
香港01, 30/03/2019.

botaneri, entrepreneur
botaneri, entrepreneur, coyran cheung, osconatural

"Coyran Cheung: We have to be passionate, creative, and specific. I also enjoy engaging with our audience and providing excellent customer service for them. It helps create a warm community for your customers." 

Natural Beauty Founders Share How They Overcome Their Biggest Challenges
Botaneri, 24/03/2019.
greenchicgirlosconatural, antipollution skincare, pollution defense serum, greenchicgirl, natural skincare, organic skincare
"But to my surprise, the serum absorbed miraculously into my oily skin and didn’t make me look like a grease ball. In fact, my skin felt so soft, looked so well-balanced and moisturized and it wasn’t oily when I touched my face. I was stoked! I wasn’t expecting this at all."

OSCO Pollution Defense Serum Review
Greenchicgirl, 11/03/2019.
beauty shortlist awards 2019, osconatural, pollution defense serum, pollution defence serum, anti pollution skincare products

"BEST ANTI-POLLUTION PRODUCTS Finalist: OSCO Pollution Defence Serum"

The Beauty Shortlist, 01/03/2019.
entrepreneur, osconatural, woman boss, indie beauty
"Coyran’s journey is incredible and she is such an inspiration to those who want to start their own venture."

Coyran Cheung: OSCO
Beauty Boss, 21/02/2019.
formula botanica, osconatural, osco natural & organic, pollution defense serum, antipollution skincare, coyran cheung
"When a former nurse starts a natural, organic skincare brand, you know that her products are going to be laser focused on skin wellness. Coyran Cheung, founder of OSCO – Natural & Organic, lives in Hong Kong where pollution levels are soaring. She knew, given her background as a health professional, that there had to be away to help protect our skin, as our body’s first barrier to external harm and our largest organ, from pollution damage."

Graduate Success Story: OSCO - Natural & Organic
Formula Botanica, 24/01/2019.

give guide

xmas gift ideas osco
"Going south for the winter? For your next getaway, take with you OSCO’s Christmas Travel Set equipped with a travel-size of the skincare line’s iconic Pollution Defense Serum that will let your skin breathe while protecting you from the polluted environment."

Give Gorgeously 09/12/2018.
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"Coyran Cheung founded OSCO, an anti-pollution natural skincare brand. She created this skincare collection with an eagerness to help her customers become confident, protected and healthy in a polluted environment. OSCO introduces natural skincare products that offer the support we need to help our skin from harmful chemicals and protect it from the harsh environment."

Give Gorgeously, 17/11/2018.
beauty independent
osco pollution defense serum
"Dense urban environments are great for shopping, eating, sightseeing and socializing, but they’re not always the best for skin. New Hong Kong-based brand OSCO is designed to tackle the external downsides of city life to allow people to more thoroughly enjoy the upsides of it."

New Anti-Pollution Skincare Brand OSCO Addresses The Effects Of Dirty Air With Clean Products
Beauty Independent, 25/10/2018.

beauty librarian review
"I have thoroughly enjoyed using Pollution Defense Serum and will be tempted to purchase more of this beauty.  One of OSCO Pollution Defense’s many strengths is that it beautifully suits many different skin types, from dry to acneic.  Personally, my skin is dry and acne-prone, and I found this oil blend to be both nourishing and non-comedogenic—a lovely mix.  In short, I highly recommend it and can attest to the fact that Pollution Defense Serum is filled to the brim with a multitude of versatile benefits."

The Beauty Librarian, 09/10/2018.
"I’m pleased to introduce my exclusive interview with Coyran Cheung, founder and formulator of OSCO, a natural and organic skincare line focused on pollution defense.  Coyran is a registered nurse whose lovely products reflect knowledge from her healthcare training and formal certification in organic formulation.  I hope you enjoy our conversation!"

The Beauty Librarian, 09/10/2018.
osco pollution defense serum

Osco Natural Pollution Defense Serum
Maximalista's Expresso Bar, 09/10/2018.


"I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the serum felt, not being too thick or heavy. Given its naturally very high vitamin E content, I expected it to be greasier, but it sinks beautifully into the skin (at least on my skin).
It works great under my mineral makeup, giving my skin a nice dewy finish I love!"

Healthy Skin Glows, 30/08/2018.


the connector

"Coyran Cheung is the founder of OSCO, a registered nurse and an organic skincare formulator graduated from the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program with Formula Botanica. Coyran lives in Hong Kong and specializes in anti-pollution skincare."

Contributor - Meet Coyran Cheung
The Connector, 07/08/2018.

Articles contributed:
How does pollution impact the skin?
8 Easy Ways to Protect and Repair Your Skin Against Pollution

"Pollution Defence Serum -
This little guy sure is powerful. I love using this before I’ll be outside for a while. It goes on softly and does not clog my pores like I feel most serums do. I would 100% refer friends to this company and this cute little serum."

Brand Spotlight: Ethical Brand(s) Highlight
Venus Rising Blog, 20/07/2018.
female founders in beauty 
"Coyran like many other female founders is very passionate about natural and green beauty as well as formulating effective skincare products to help people solve their problems. It is this desire to solve genuine skin problems with consideration and empathy, which makes founder led businesses so attractive to customers; they feel like founder led brands understand the problems they face."

Female Founders in Beauty, 22/05/2018.