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Our Founder


Coyran Cheung 

BSN, RN, Professional Organic Skincare Formulator, Creator & Founder


Hi there! Welcome to OSCO! I am Coyran Cheung, the founder of OSCO, a registered nurse and a certified organic skincare formulator graduated from accredited Organic Skincare School in the UK. I am very passionate about natural and green beauty as well as formulating effective skincare products to help people solve their problems.

I started my journey into natural and green beauty when I was 23...

23, is a beautiful age for most girls. But for me, it was a nightmare. My whole face brokeout due to hormonal problems and the use of synthetic skincare products. For years. I was depressed with low self-esteem and I did not want to face anyone. I needed to wear makeup all the time to cover my acne but it worsened and was even more obvious. I tried many solutions: Western and Chinese medicine, dermatologists, facial therapy, different skincare products (the synthetic ones in the drugstore), my skin didn't improve at all, in fact it became more sensitive!


The situation was really daunting, I just wanted a simple resolution. I started to use natural skincare and I changed my lifestyle. My skin improved although it did take time. More surprisingly, my body check-up result showed that my hormonal balance had improved too. From this time on, I really put trust in the power of natural and green beauty. I treasure this great gift from nature so much because it gave me back my life. 

I worked in a hospital for nine years before leaving my job to launch OSCO. Working in a hospital, I was able to help patients with their difficulties, which was a wonderful career to have; but it was also very hard work. I would work shifts in what was a very stressful environment and so I lost all semblance of a work-life balance. I knew that it wasn’t the life I really wanted for myself.

Finally, I decided to give up my high salary and stable job to get my life back and to chase my goal which was to help people in another way – resolving their skin problems. This would allow me to do what I really loved, and to create my own skincare brand, OSCO, following my passion for natural and green beauty.