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Why We Formulate Powder Mask

Why did we choose to formulate our Pollution Detox Mask in powder form (clay powder mask) instead of clay paste (clay cream mask)?

There isn’t any natural preservative that can preserve clay paste (ready-made with water) well yet nowadays. If we formulate the mask in clay paste, we have to add strong and synthetic preservatives. It does violate our philosophy and standard. If we just add a natural preservative that can’t really preserve it well, it may harm the product and even our skin.

Therefore, I decided to formulate our Pollution Detox Mask in powder form to bring you the freshest and natural state of ingredients, and let your skin enjoy the highest potency of our Pollution Detox Mask. There are many other benefits of clay powder mask, I can’t wait to share more with you from time to time.

(Photo credit: OSCO Natural & Organic)

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