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My Minimal Daily Skincare Routine

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Do we need a complicated skincare routine for our skin?

The more products we use, the better result we will get?

You know, my daily skincare routine is just that simple and minimal.

I cleanse my face with our customized cleansing foam,
then hydrate my skin with our organic hydrosol (I may use different types of hydrosols depending on my current skin condition on that day),
and finally repair and moisturize my skin with the Pollution Defense Serum.

I believe beauty is simple, pure and clean. After a polluted day, your skin may not be able to ‘digest’ the complicated skincare routine. Your skin may even be irritated and worsened (I experienced it many years ago when I didn’t have any skincare knowledge). However, simple and effective natural skincare routine – cleanse, hydrate, protect, repair - could be our weapon against pollution. Believe me, less it more.

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