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How to Get Rid of Acnes and Scars?


Besides building a healthy lifestyle, applying high quality natural skincare - especially our Pollution Defense Serum day and night does help get rid of acnes and scars!


After cleansing and toning your face, place 1-2 drops of facial serum onto palms. Gently rub palms together to warm and activate your serum. Push serum into your skin by repeating press and push technique on entire face. And then apply one more drop to the affected area (e.g. acnes, scars) as a targeted spot treatment.


The anti-inflammatory property of Pollution Defense Serum helps calm and repair your skin. It also helps treat your scar tissues and blemishes, thus your skin problems will be solved more easily and quickly.


Your are welcome to comment below and let us know how you get rid of acnes and scars. We can't wait for your sharing!

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