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6 Tips to Delay Skin Ageing Around Your Eyes

Recently, we may spend much more time in front of the digital screen during quarantine. The blue light of our electronic products may cause not only blurry vision, dry and irritated eyes, even retinal damage and loss of vision, it can also lead to premature aging and skin damage by releasing cell-damaging free radicals.

The skin of our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on the entire face. It ages easily as it’s lacking in sebaceous glands and collagen. How can we delay skin ageing of our eyes? Here are the tips!

  1. Get sufficient sleep (6-8 hours per night) to let your eyes rest. Your skin cells regenerate as you sleep that helps promote collagen formation.

  2. Use high quality skincare products with antioxidants to moisturize and protect your skin and fight against free radicals from pollution. Remember, apply skincare products gently.

  3. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen outdoor during the day can protect your eyes from light pollution and UV radiation. UV light will definitely damage your skin and accelerate ageing.

  4. Drink eight glasses of water per day. It helps hydrate your body as well as your skin!

  5.  Wear less makeup and give your skin a break. Applying makeup products (such as eyeliner) and removing makeup (especially eye area) frequently will damage your skin easily as you may have to pull the delicate skin of your eyes repetitively.

  6.  Avoid squinting and rubbing the skin of your eyes, it can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

The skin around our eyes is so delicate, don’t forget to pamper her as if your baby. You know, healthy and plumping skin (especially eye area) makes you look younger! I hope these tips help and don’t forget to share your thought with us! :D


  • @Madelyn, Thank you very much for your support! You are welcome to try our Pollution Defense Serum as it is also suitable for the under eye area. It’s gentle and potent. Not only it helps moisturize our skin, but also promote collagen production and delay ageing.
    Here you go :D

    OSCO - Natural & Organic
  • Great post; simple but super helpful!
    In addition, do you recommend any serums for the under eye?
    I use honey masks but not very frequently and I wonder if there is something I can add to my daily routine to help delay skin ageing around my eyes :)


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