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5 Natural Ingredients that Help Fight Off Free Radicals

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Why are antioxidants so important?

Pollution such as UV radiation, air pollution, light pollution and ozone depletion can lead to different impacts to our skin. Our skin’s main antioxidants – squalene and vitamin E will be depleted to combat oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radical production and antioxidant defenses) in the skin when exposed to pollution, causing dry skin, excessive sebum secretion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, etc.

So, how can we prevent these skin impacts or even slow down ageing?

Replenish antioxidants!

Antioxidants are molecules that can neutralize the free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before cellular damage through their free radical scavenging property. Therefore, replenishing antioxidants can definitely delay or inhibit the cellular damage, and thus prevent the skin impacts and ageing caused by pollution.

What natural ingredients are high in antioxidants?

1. Prickly Pear Seed Oil
It is the most precious of any oil. It is extracted from the seeds in the fruits of prickly pear cactus. The antioxidant power of prickly pear seed oil is amazing. It contains huge Vitamin E content that is 2-3 times more than other oils such as Argan oil. Its high antioxidant properties can protect the skin against pollution and environmental stress.

2. Watermelon Seed Oil
It contains 5% higher levels of vitamin E than other melons. It helps fight off free radicals and protects the skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress.

3. Sacha Inchi Seed Oil
It contains antioxidants vitamin A and E that keep skin elastic and slow ageing. The high antioxidant properties that protect the skin against pollution and environmental stress.

4. Pomegranate Seed Oil
Unique essential fatty acid Omega-5 (Punicic acid) is obtained from the seed of the pomegranate. It is a powerful antioxidant that can destroy harmful free radicals and prevent ageing. Pomegranate seed oil also reduces fine lines, nourishes and protects your skin.

5. Jojoba Oil
The oil is pressed out of the seeds of the jojoba tree. It contains same waxy esters as in human sebum and does not clog pores. It contains Vitamin A, B, D and E that help fight off free radicals.

OSCO’s Pollution Defense Serum contains all these amazing ingredients that are very antioxidizing. The antioxidants in this serum will help neutralize the free radicals and prevent further damage to our skin. Pollution Defense Serum will protect, detoxify, repair and strengthen your skin's fight against the polluted environment. Your skin will become supple and soft, skin barrier strengthened, pores minimized, skin tone improved upon regular use.

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