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3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Natural Skincare

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Many people ask “why do you use natural and organic skincare?” But there’s also a question I always ask why people don’t switch to natural skincare products. I hope these reasons are convincing enough for them to give it a try on natural skincare.

1) They are good for health and skin

Natural and organic skin care products are free from harmful additives such as paraben, Methylisothiazolinone (MI / MIT) & Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI / CMIT), Polyethylene glycol (PEG), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), artificial fragrance, etc. These are the ingredients that can cause hormonal disruption, skin irritation, allergy, and contact dermatitis. This is one of the reasons why people suffered from skin irritation and skin disease easily when using synthetics skincare products with the above ingredients. I was one of them. My whole face brokeout due to hormonal problems and the use of synthetic skincare products. I tried to use different skincare products (the synthetic ones in the drugstore) and hope these could solve my skin problem. However, my skin didn't improve at all, in fact it became more sensitive! The situation was really daunting, I just wanted a simple resolution. I started to use natural skincare and I changed my lifestyle. My skin improved although it did take time. More surprisingly, my body check-up result showed that my hormonal balance had improved too.

2) They are safe and gentle

Natural and organic skincare products are safe and gentle (of course, I am saying that you are not making or using it without proper instruction). Without the irritants as stated above, the risk of irritation and breakout will be reduced. The ingredients in natural skincare are beneficial for different skin types especially dry and sensitive skin, oily and acne prone skin because natural skincare will sooth, calm, repair, heal and protect your skin.

3) They are effective

People may think that natural skincare products are not effective. Some of them like to use synthetic skincare products because they like the (artificial) fragrance and ‘effective’ results on their skin. Those ‘effective’ results are mainly due to the synthetic ingredients (such as ‘fillers’) that may destroy some of the skin structures or be harmful to the skin (or even health in long term) to give quick and visible results. However, when people stop using those synthetic ones, they may feel like their skin returns to the original condition and even worse. Natural skincare products deliver potent, high performance and effective ingredients to your skin. It may take time to see the result with natural skincare products, but I know you won’t be disappointed when you and your skin are overall in a ‘real’ healthy condition.

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Making the switch to natural skincare is not as difficult as you think. You can try 1-2 products in your skincare routine first, then switch to all products gradually. I believe you will love the natural and organic products once you make the switch from mass market ones. If you're looking to start, we recommend you to start with OSCO’s Pollution Defense Serum. It is a high performance facial oil with light and fast absorbing texture. It is a multi-purpose facial product which is easy and convenient to use. Pollution Defense Serum is made with 12 potent and precious oils and extracts (100% natural and up to 80% certified organic ingredients) that are high in antioxidants and fatty acids (Omega-3, 5, 6, 7, 9) that your skin definitely needs.

There are many advantages of using natural skincare products. To keep your skin and body healthy, making a switch to natural products is one of the important steps you should take starting today! If you want to get more about health and skincare tips, just sign up and let’s stay in touch! We are so much looking forward to seeing you soon!


  • @Lelia Thank you so much!

    @Kacey We are so glad you enjoy this blog post. I hope it helps and thank you so much for your support! :) Enjoy your life in green and clean beauty! :)

    OSCO - Natural & Organic
  • Thank you so much for sharing this information! It was a scary switch at first, but thankfully there’s products like yours that let us not give up quality in order to go green.

    Kacey Birch
  • Yes yes yes
    I totally agree with someone who uses a lot sheabutter made products for my skin I agree with you.

  • Thanks for the resources!

  • Hi Eva, thank you for your comment :)

    Making the switch to natural skincare is not as difficult as you think. You can try 1-2 products in your skincare routine first, you will find there is a lot of advantages when you use natural skincare especially for your skin and body. Keep it up! And don’t forget to screen the full ingredient list before you purchase any products.

    For your reference, check out our videos of “Harmful Ingredients In Skincare You Have To Know”:

    Hope you enjoy! :)

    OSCO - Natural & Organic

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