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How can you ventilate with second hand smoke around you?



Smoking is very common nowadays and it is one of the factors contributes to the severe air pollution. Second-hand smoke is dangerous and it can stay in the air for many hours. Second-hand smoke could harm our health but also our skin such as lung cancer, fertility problems, premature ageing, etc. We can’t breathe and so can’t our skin. We should avoid it as best as possible.

So how can we avoid second-hand smoke?

  1. Wearing masks to reduce breathe in too much nicotine to our body. But you are still advised to stay away from second-hand smoke exposure.
  1. If someone wants to smoke in your home, ask them to do it outside.

  2. No smoking is allowed in your car.
  1. When you visit hotels or restaurants, choose those with a smoke-free environment and avoid those allow people to smoke indoor.
  1. Always be alert to second-hand smoking and stay away from it as best as possible.
  1. Encourage your family members and friends who smoke to quit smoking.

We are aware of second-hand smoke could harm our health. But we should also be aware of the toxic substances already cling to our clothing that is “Third-hand Smoke". It has great complications and hazards on the health of us and especially children as well. Thus, for our good, we should avoid passive smoking as best as we can and encourage smokers around us to quit it. Or if you are a smoker, are you ready to quit smoking?

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