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We have won a BEST ANTI-POLLUTION PRODUCTS Finalist Award!!

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I can't wait to share this good news to you!!

OSCO’s Pollution Defense Serum has won a "BEST ANTI-POLLUTION PRODUCTS" Finalist Award in this year's Beauty Shortlist Awards!

Now in their 8th year, The Beauty Shortlist Awards are global for the third year running. These Awards seek out the genuine stand-out products on the market by ethical brands. The Awards are sponsor and ad-free (which is one of the reasons their awards are so trusted by consumers), and every product has been thoroughly tested by their judges in London/UK, New York and Sydney (e.g. skincare for at least one month).

Many thanks to The Beauty Shortlist Awards for this great opportunity. Thank you so much for all your support along our journey. It means lots to us! We will continue to do our best and provide excellent service and products to thank you all. Thank you again!


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