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Have you achieved your goals?

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Time flies! Can’t believe it comes to the end of 2019 soon.

Have you achieved your goals? Do you have any new plan in 2020?

This year, OSCO and I got many precious moments! Launching new products, attending pop-up markets, being interviewed and featured by different social media platforms such as newspaper and radio, winning skincare award, celebrating our 1st anniversary, etc. are my best memories in this year!

Of course, I do enjoy engaging with you and your great support is so important to me! I know we still have room for improvement. I will keep up the great work and spread my love, passion and the power of generosity to the world to bring you all the best products from OSCO and inspire you in your life as much as I can!

How about you? What’s your goal in 2020? Comment below and let me know. Can’t wait for you to share with me! :D


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