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3 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas



In the cities nowadays, we are all having busy lifestyles. We spend time on our work, family, friends, etc. But how much time do you spend on your body and health?

It is wonderful if we can take our time to enjoy our breakfast without being in a rush but sometimes it’s difficult for us to do so.

In order to keep healthy without spending too much time on our breakfast, I got 3 quick and healthy breakfast ideas to share with you:


1) Oatmeal with almond milk, chia seeds and berries

healthy breakfast

I have quitted (dairy) milk for years to heal my hormonal breakout. I switched to almond or coconut milk that is high in protein and minerals as well. Chia seeds contain high level of dietary fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 that help increase satiety and slow ageing. You can choose different fruits that you like to make this breakfast.

2) Sweet potatoes with blueberries or bananas


Sometimes I am not able to cook or have breakfast at home. I will bring along these with me. Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It can also facilitate digestion because of the high level of fiber content and thus help body detoxification. Sweet potatoes can also increase satiety and provide energy to your body. It’s really a great choice for breakfast.
If you think it is too boring to eat only sweet potatoes, you can also take it with blueberries and bananas that are convenient but providing you different and beneficial nutrients.

3) Avocado and mushroom sandwich

healthy breakfast

If you have spare time at the previous night, you can prepare and cook the mushrooms first, and store them in the fridge. On the next day, you can use the mushrooms to make sandwich with avocado. This breakfast provides you proteins, fiber, minerals and energy. It sounds great and yummy, right?

Although we may not have time to prepare heavy breakfasts all the time, we should try our best to eat healthily and treat our body well. Do you like these quick and healthy breakfast ideas? Share your thought and ideas with us and we’d love to know. :)

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